The best we offer

Dropped Trailer Service

We offer scrap pallet removal via live loading or a dropped trailer service. We can drop a trailer at your location and bring an empty trailer again when it is full. Keep your wood pallet waste out of your dumpster and recycle.

In-House Trucking for Pallet Deliveries

We provide in-house trucking for pallet deliveries and scrap pallet pickup.

ISPM-15 Certified

We our ISPM-15 certified to provide pallet heat-treatment via our in-house heat-treatment facility.

Repair and return program

We can repair and return your in-house pallets to your specifications.

Scrap pallet removal

We can provide options for your scrap pallet removal needs. We offer live loading at your facility, drop-off at our facility, or dropping one of our 53″ van trailers at your facility to load at your convenience, then swap for an empty when full. We can recycle used pallets and keep the wood waste out of landfills.